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Log In with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Microsoft account

Learn how to authenticate users in your app through a variety of identity providers, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft, and then leverage profile data to add features like greeting users by name.

Log In with Active Directory Authentication Library

In this tutorial, you add authentication to the quickstart project using the Active Directory Authentication Library.

See Services: Azure Active Directory


Store Simple Structured Data with Mobile Services and Table Storage

Learn how to work with Table Storage through Mobile Services.

See Services: Mobile Services | Storage Accounts


Sync Offline Data with Mobile Services

Azure Mobile Services offline features allow you to interact with a local database when you are in an offline scenario with your Mobile Service. This tutorial shows how to configure a mobile service to add data in a disconnected offline scenario and then sync those items to the online database.

See Services: Mobile Services


Send Push Notifications with Notification Hubs

Quickly set up your iOS App to receive push notifications.

Broadcast Notifications with Notification Hubs

Build a mobile app that allows selection of news categories and then receives push notifications based on user selections.

Send Notifications to Authenticated Users

This topic shows you how to send push notifications to an authenticate user on any registered device.

See Services: Notification Hubs


Work with Video and Audio Streams with Media Services

The Azure Media Services iOS Media Player Framework library makes it easy for iPod, iPhone, and iPad developers to create rich, dynamic client applications that create and mix video and audio streams together on the fly.

See Services: Media Services


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