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StorSimple Virtual Array: Critical update, software version 10.0.10280.0 (Update 0.2) now available

Posted on June 20, 2016

Senior Program Manager, StorSimple

A new critical update for StorSimple Virtual Array, version 10.0.10280.0 (Update 0.2) is now available for download.

Update 0.2 contains the following bug fixes and improvements (includes Update 0.1 fixes).

  • Improved resiliency for cloud outages: This release has several bug fixes around disaster recovery, backup, restore and tiering in the event of a cloud connectivity disruption.
  • Improved restore performance: This release has bug fixes that have significantly cut down the completion time of the restore jobs.
  • Automated space reclamation optimization: When data is deleted on thinly provisioned volumes, the unused storage blocks need to be reclaimed. This release has improved the space reclamation process from the cloud resulting in the unused space becoming available faster when compared to the previous versions.
  • New virtual disk images: New VHD, VHDX and VMDK are now available via the Azure classic portal. You can download these images to provision new Update 0.2 devices.
  • Improving the accuracy of job status in the portal: In the earlier version of software, job status reporting in the portal was not granular. This issue is resolved in this release.
  • Domain join experience: Bug fixes related to domain-joining and renaming of the device. 
  • Updates: In the last release, updates weren't detected automatically in the Azure classic portal, so you had to use the local Web UI to install updates. This issue is fixed in this release. After installing Update 0.2, you can install future updates using the Azure classic portal. 

We strongly recommend that you apply this update. The update is a disruptive update (requires reboot of the SVA) and should be applied during a planned downtime. Should you encounter any issues, please contact Microsoft Support.