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Azure Shared Image Gallery is now generally available

Published date: May 06, 2019

We are happy to announce that Shared Image Gallery is now generally available in all public cloud regions. With Shared Image Gallery, customers can easily manage, share and distribute custom virtual machine (VM) images with in and across Azure regions. Here’s a quick look at the key capabilities of the feature:

Manage images efficiently by grouping and versioning them with the three new ARM resources that we’ve introduced as part of this feature.

Share images across subscriptions and tenants using Azure Role Based Access Control (RBAC). Cross Azure AD tenant VM image sharing is particularly useful when your organization’s infrastructure is spread across tenants.

Distribute your images globally based on your organizational needs. Specify the target regions and the images are globally replicated.

Scale your deployments with the ability to keep replicas of your image in every region based on your scale needs.

Make your images highly available with Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) accounts in regions that support Availability Zones. ZRS offers better resilience to your images against zonal failures.

Regional Availability:

Shared Image Gallery now supports all Azure public cloud regions as target regions and all publicly available Azure public cloud regions other than South Africa regions as source regions.


There is no extra charge for using the Shared Image Gallery service. You will only pay for the following:

1.        Storage charges for the Image Versions and replicas in each region – source and target.

2.        Network egress charges for replication across regions.

Getting started:

CLI, PowerShell, Azure Portal, API, QuickStart Templates, Terraform, .NET and Java

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