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Public preview: Standard network features support in US Government region

Published date: September 12, 2023

Azure NetApp Files customers can now readily create new volumes with standard network features in the US VA Government region. These standard network features deliver enhanced Virtual Networking experience for non-Azure host-based workloads like Azure NetApp Files. Below, you'll find an overview of the network features accessible through the standard network features.

Increased Route Scale: VNets with ANF volumes now enjoy an increased route scale of 64K, equivalent to VMs.

  • Enhanced Network Security: Support for Network Security Groups (NSGs) on the ANF delegated subnets ensures heightened network security.
  • Improved Network Control: Customers can now exercise greater network control with support for User Defined Routes (UDRs) to and from ANF delegated subnets.
  • On-Premises Connectivity: Establish connectivity between ANF and on-premises environments through an Active/Active VPN Gateway setup.
  • ExpressRoute FastPath Connectivity: Experience ExpressRoute FastPath connectivity to ANF volumes for all scenarios, including Azure VMware Solution.
  • Cross-Region Mount Volumes: Enable customers to mount volumes in a peered VNet across regions or global peering, facilitating cross-region accessibility.
  • Private Link and Service Endpoint Support: Enjoy support for Private Link and service endpoints for Azure NetApp Files.
  • VWAN Support: Azure Virtual WAN (VWAN) now integrates seamlessly with Azure NetApp Files.

learn more about the standard network features:  Guidelines for Azure NetApp Files network planning | Microsoft Learn

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