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Navigator now provides dependency mapping and change analysis in App Service Diagnostics

Published date: August 08, 2019

Navigator is now available in App Service Diagnostics for Windows web apps.  Navigator provides a centralized view of an app and its dependencies along with changes made over time. Upon enablement, the feature automatically renders a dependency map of an app and its dependencies in the same subscription and display the changes made to each resource, leveraging Change Analysis service.

Currently we track changes made on the following resources:

  • Web App
  • SQL
  • Storage

The new experience helps you identify the dependencies of your web app and explore the changes as part of your troubleshooting routine. Paired with information from existing diagnostics information in App Service Diagnostics, Navigator can supplement your troubleshooting experience by providing a timeline of the change groups made to your web app and its dependencies. Correlating this information with other information offered in App Service Diagnostics can help you further understand the changes and narrow down on potential causes for unhealthy behavior.

For more instructions on how to enable and use Navigator, please visit Get visibility into your app’s dependencies with Navigator

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