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Location telemetry support in IoT Central is now available

Published date: July 23, 2019

We have added support for location telemetry that lights up scenarios such as asset track and trace, connected logistics, and more!

Location telemetry was one of the top customer requests from both device and solution builders. Previously, users were able to add location as a device property. However, properties don’t keep a full history of changes. Now with location telemetry, IoT Central will maintain a history of the device location that you can analyze over time. You can view the asset’s latest location or view the history of the asset’s location over a time range on a map.


Map tiles across the entire application have also been enhanced to support this new location telemetry. Users can map a state measurement to the location telemetry to quickly know how the asset is doing at a glance. Map tile on Device Set dashboard enable the users to view latest location of multiple assets as well as their last known state. This allows you to see where all the devices you care about are located and if there is anything needing your immediate attention. On the pop out card, IoT Central converts the geographical coordinates to a friendly and readable address. If there is no associates address, the pop out care will show the coordinates instead. All of this is made possible by Azure Maps.

To get started with location telemetry, see the updated documentation here!

We are excited to continue to enhance location support in IoT Central over the coming months.

Next steps

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  • Documentation for how to add a location measurement can be found here.
  • To explore the full set of features, capabilities and start you free trial, visit the IoT Central website.
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