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General availability: Improved network topology experience in Network Watcher and Azure Monitor Network Insights

Published date: April 29, 2024

Azure Network Watcher provides network monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities to increase observability and actionable insights. Network Watcher supports four main scenarios: Connectivity Monitoring detects packet loss and latency, built-in health metrics and topology visualization help to locate issues, traffic monitoring tracks network communication pattern, and diagnostics suite enables troubleshooting.

Efficient management and monitoring of cloud networks is crucial for peak performance, security, and reliability.  The blog explains how the new topology experience can help you manage and monitor your cloud network infrastructure with enhanced visualization, simplified monitoring, valuable insights and contextual issue localization capabilities. 

Features that will be available in GA:   

What are some use cases for the network topology experience?

Inventory Management

  • Manage inventory across multi subscription, region, and resource group.
  • Support for Azure networking resources along with VM and VMSS.
  • Visualization support for Azure Virtual Network Manager pre-deploy security configuration available.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitoring metrics and signals for all supported resources are included.
  • Loss/latency connectivity insights from Connection Monitor available within the topology.
  • Bandwidth usage and traffic flow information with Traffic Analytics integration.

Issue Localization

  • Integrated diagnostics tools like Packet Capture, Connection Troubleshoot, Next Hop within the visualization context.
  • Navigating across hierarchy, users start at global view and can drill down until the resource view (this view enables you to picture even the most complex resource configurations).
  • Locate impacted resources easily using smart in-context search function within the topology.

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