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General availability: Azure Machine Learning announcements for June 2022

Published date: June 22, 2022

MLflow is probably one of the open-source projects that has made its way further in the machine learning space; which is why we have invested heavily to ensure Azure Machine Learning provides best class support. We are expanding our commitment by bringing to life a more mature integration, including support for a broader set of APIs, no code deployment for MLflow models in real-time/batch managed inference, curated environments with MLflow, and integrations with our CLI v2. 

Train and deploy models with Azure Machine Learning anywhere to help you meet data residency requirements and security and compliance requirements in highly regulated environments. It will also help you harness existing IT, especially GPU investments and manage all the resources through a single pane, with the management, consistency, and reliability provided by Azure Arc. Get help to operationalize at scale with cloud native DevOps and MLOps in hybrid cloud. 

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