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Public Preview: Cognitive Services Form Recognizer v2.1

Published date: August 21, 2020

Form Recognizer v2.1-preview.1 has been released, including the following features:

  • REST API reference is available - View the v2.1-preview.1 reference.
  • New languages supported In addition to English, the following languages are now supported: for Layout and Train Custom Model: English (EN), Chinese (Simplified) (ZH-ZH), Dutch (NL), French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT), Portuguese (PT) and Spanish (ES).
  • Checkbox / Selection Mark detection Form Recognizer supports detection and extraction of selection marks such as check boxes and radio buttons. Selection Marks are extracted in Layout and you can now also label and train in Train Custom Model - Train with Labels to extract key value pairs for selection marks.
  • Model Compose allows multiple models to be composed and called with a single model Id. When a document is submitted to be analyzed with a composed model Id, a classification step is first performed to route it to the correct custom model. Model compose is available for Train Custom Model - Train with labels.
  • Model name add a friendly name to your custom models for easier management and tracking.
  • New pre-built model for Business Cards for extracting common fields in English language business cards.
  • New locales for pre-built Receipts in addition to EN-US, support is now available for EN-AU, EN-CA, EN-GB, EN-IN​
  • Quality improvements for Layout, Train Custom Model- Train without Labels, and Train with Labels.

To learn more and for samples, see the Form Recognizer What's New page.

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