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Azure IoT Remote Monitoring update

Published date: October 15, 2017

New updates to Azure IoT Remote Monitoring, a solution accelerator that's fully operational right out of the box, are now available. New features include:

Enhanced UI: Operator experiences are even smoother with production-ready controls, and improvements in code clarity allow any developer to customize with ease.

  • Enhanced operator scenarios:
    • Advanced rules and streaming powered by Azure Stream Analytics engine.
    • Live maintenance mode to track your device's telemetry while doing maintenance.
    • Richer out-of-the-box demo experience.
  • Easier device connectivity: See your device details light up in the platform automaticallyno need to customize the UI.
  • Better maps: Our device tracking is now powered by Azure Maps, the latest technology to provide geospatial context to data.
  • Richer integration options: We've invested in third party integration, and have new tutorials that showcase integration with services such as Power BIAzure Time Series Insights, and Azure Data Lake.

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