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Azure IoT Central UI new and updated features—June 2020

Published date: July 15, 2020

June 2020 feature updates for Azure IoT Central are now available.

Add multiple certificates to your app

Now create additional enrollment groups to connect your devices, enabling scenarios such as certificates per device type in the same application. This has been a key request from customers looking to use multiple certificates within the same app.

Power Automate and Logic Apps connectors

Try the new Azure IoT Central Power Automate and Logic Apps connector. Build workflows that are triggered from rules in your app, create new devices, update properties, send commands, and discover other new capabilities.

New Power BI solution

The new Power BI solution for Azure IoT Central is available in AppSource. This solution deploys an end-to-end data processing pipeline in your subscription to process data that's continuously exported from your IoT Central app to visualize in your Power BI dashboard.

New Azure CLI IoT extension commands

Troubleshoot and diagnose common issues when connecting a device to IoT Central using the Azure CLI IoT extension. Use the latest Azure CLI release to:

  • Validate device telemetry and property payloads for common errors such as JSON formatting, contentEncoding, and contentType mismatches.
  • Compare and validate device telemetry and property payloads against the device model.
  • Monitor the telemetry and property data stream as the data is sent to IoT Central.
  • Create and view devices and device template.

All the new commands in the latest release are in preview and can change at any time.

Manage Azure IoT Edge modules with IoT Central REST APIs

Manage the IoT Edge modules running on your IoT Edge device using the IoT Central REST APIs.

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