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Azure Data Explorer LightIngest now supports actual creation time for historical data migration

Published date: July 31, 2020

LightIngest is a command-line utility for ad-hoc data ingestion into Azure Data Explorer (ADX). The utility can pull source data from a local folder or from an Azure blob storage container. LightIngest is most useful when you want to ingest a large amount of data, because there is no time constraint on ingestion duration. When historical data is loaded from existing system to ADX, all records receive the same the ingestion date. Now, the -creationTimePattern argument allows users to partition the data by creation time, not ingestion time. The -creationTimePattern argument extracts the CreationTime property from the file or blob path; the pattern doesn't need to reflect the entire item path, just the section enclosing the timestamp you want.

Read more on lightIngest including sample code here

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