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Try Hadoop on Azure HDInsight

Customers can utilize HDInsight trial by creating an Azure account.

We always want to make it easy for you to try Azure services and you can try Azure HDInsight by creating a new Azure account.

What is Azure HDInsight?

Azure HDInsight is a managed service which allows you to run Apache Hadoop, Spark, HBase and Storm technologies without managing the deployment or configuration. You can deploy these technologies on Windows or Linux cluster and can spin up the cluster in minutes. You can process semi-structured and unstructured data and develop in Java, .Net, Python and more. You can also visualize your data in Excel, Tableau or PowerBI. To learn more about HDInsight, click here.

How to try HDInsight service?

To try HDInsight service go to this link and create a new Azure account where you can get free credits that you can use to then create a HDInsight cluster. Click here to learn more about how to create a HDInsight cluster.


We hope you find this trial period useful and learn more about HDInsight and Hadoop in general.