Azure resources to assess risk and compliance


Microsoft Azure is uniquely positioned to help you meet your compliance obligations. Customers need to identify risks and conduct a full risk assessment before committing to a cloud service, as well as comply with strict regulations to ensure the privacy, security, access, and continuity of their cloud environment and downstream customer data in cloud.

Program Manager II, Azure Global - Financial Services

Machine Learning powered detections with Kusto query language in Azure Sentinel


As cyberattacks become more complex and harder to detect. The traditional correlation rules of a SIEM are not enough, they are lacking the full context of the attack and can only detect attacks that were seen before. This can result in false negatives and gaps in the environment. In addition, correlation rules require significant maintenance and customization since they may provide different results based on the customer environment.

Senior Program Manager Lead, Azure Sentinel team

Web application firewall at Azure Front Door service


We have heard from many of you that security is a top priority when moving web applications onto the cloud. Today, we are very excited to announce our public preview of the Web Application Firewall (WAF) for the Azure Front Door service. By combining the global application and content delivery network with natively integrated WAF engine, you now have a highly available platform through which you may deliver your web applications to the world, secure and fast!

Principal Program Manager, Azure Networking

Azure セキュリティ機能の強化


ビジネスをクラウドに移行することによってイノベーションをより迅速に実現する組織が増えてくるにつれて、あらゆる業界にとってセキュリティの強化が決定的に重要になっています。Azure には、データ、アプリケーション、コンピューティング、ネットワーク、ID、脅威からの保護、およびセキュリティ管理の全体にわたって組み込みのセキュリティ制御が用意されているため、保護をカスタマイズしたりパートナーのソリューションを統合したりできます。

Principal Group PM Manager, Azure Security Center