Cloud Strategy

Unlocking the enterprise opportunity with 5G, edge compute, and cloud


The power of 5G, IoT, and real-time AI will unlock new and innovative services for enterprises across the world to accelerate their transformation toward Industry 4.0 as they evolve and adopt diverse new business models. Today, we’re introducing Azure private multi-access edge compute (MEC), new services to accelerate 5G and edge monetization, and a new partner initiative to empower operators, SIs, and ISVs to develop Microsoft-validated Azure private MEC customer solutions.

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure for Operators

5 reasons to attend the Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event


Now’s the time to register for the free Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, from 9:00 AM–11:00 AM Pacific Time, delivered in partnership with Intel. Join us to learn how to be more productive and agile with hybrid and multicloud solutions from Azure. Check out the five reasons to attend the Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event.

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Why customers, including SAP, choose Azure for their SAP solutions


In January 2021, Microsoft and SAP jointly announced the expansion of our endorsed cloud partnership to introduce new offerings around cloud automation and integration for SAP S4/HANA on Microsoft Azure along with the integration of Microsoft Teams with SAP’s intelligent suite of solutions. Microsoft CEO and SAP CEO showed up on stage at SAP’s RISE event to share a joint vision for the future of productivity that will help customers transform the way they work and connect with their customers.

Senior Director, Azure Marketing

Gain flexibility to run open-source applications your way with Microsoft Azure


We are committed to open source at Microsoft. We contribute to Linux, Kubernetes, Visual Studio Code, and serving in open source organizations like the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) or Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF). At Microsoft Build, we are sharing our latest work to enable developers to develop flexibly and innovate quickly on Azure.

Azure Distinguished Engineer

Build cloud-native applications that run anywhere


It is Microsoft's mission to empower the next generation of developers with world-class tools and cloud services that allow them to build the applications of the future. These applications of the future will be intelligent, infused with AI to provide advanced insights. They will incorporate open source technology and libraries from across the globe. They will be reliable under load and secure by design. And they will be built with tools that allow developers to move from idea to code to cloud, seamlessly.

Vice President, Azure Developer Experience

Azure is the home for your enterprise Java applications


Microservice architectures are becoming more prevalent, and developers are building more applications on cloud platforms using containers and managed services. The Java ecosystem is complex and running Java applications in the cloud at an enterprise scale can be challenging. Our customers are asking us to help them modernize their Java applications and run them on an enterprise-grade platform—Java on Azure.

Corporate Vice President, Developer Division

Microsoft は Kinvolk を買収し、コンテナー最適化されたイノベーションを促進


クラウドでもオンプレミスでも、どこでも Kubernetes を実行できることは、急速な革新を目指す Azure のお客様にとって高い優先度となっています。コンテナー最適化されたワークロードやオペレーティング システム、無駄のないアプリケーションの最新化、容易な運用、プラットフォームの回復性などのメリットに注目するお客様が増えています。この急速な進化をサポートするために、Microsoft は Kinvolk を買収するための契約に署名しました。

Corporate Vice President, Azure Compute

Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – April 2021


April builds on top of past releases. From an expansion of the Retail Prices API to cover non-USD currencies to a new custom date picker based on your feedback. There's also new guidance for building out your cloud architecture for enterprises and operators as well as the usual cost optimization tips, videos, and documentation updates.

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

新しい Azure の専門講座と奨学金に関する Coursera との連携


Microsoft は本日、Coursera と共同して、次の 3 つの専門講座により Azure のスキル育成のための新たな機会を提供することを発表いたします。その 3 つは、Azure の基礎、AI の基礎、およびデータの基礎です。Coursera は、主要な学習プラットフォームの 1 つであり、Microsoft は Coursera を利用する 8000 万人の学習者にオンデマンドの Azure コンテンツを提供できることを嬉しく思います。

Vice President, Azure