Azure Cost Management and Billing 2020 year in review

mardi 15 décembre 2020

2020 wasn't the year we signed up for, but was chock full nonetheless. From optimized account and invoice management experiences to richer reporting within and outside the portal; new ways to facilitate chargeback and more flexible budget alerts to an overwhelming amount of new cost optimization opportunities. The year brought a lot and 2021 is looking exciting, with continued evolution across all fronts. Read on for a sneak peek at what's coming.

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – November 2020

lundi 30 novembre 2020

Get your budget emails in the language of your choice, enjoy a preview of new cost views optimized for resources and reservations, and take advantage of even more ways to save money! November is as action-packed as ever. And don't forget to check out new videos and documentation updates to help you be more successful than ever in driving financial health within your organization.

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Monitoring Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes and servers

mardi 28 juillet 2020

Azure Arc is a preview service that enables users to create and attach Kubernetes clusters both inside and outside of Azure. Azure Arc also enables the user to manage Windows and Linux machines outside of Azure the same way native Azure Virtual Machines are managed.

Program Manager

Azure Cost Management + Billing updates – June 2020

mardi 30 juin 2020

Flexibility was the main theme for June, with more customizable budget notifications, a way to monitor your cost recommendations, and automated subscription creation for Azure Government. And of course, these are just a few highlights. Don't forget to check out new ways to save, a new video, and our regular documentation updates.

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Nouvelles fonctionnalités et nouveaux insights d'Azure Monitor

jeudi 11 juin 2020

Au cours des derniers mois, nous avons publié de nombreuses fonctionnalités inédites visant à améliorer l'intégration native à Azure, à faciliter l'intégration à grande échelle, à répondre aux besoins des entreprises en matière de sécurité et de conformité, à fournir un suivi distribué enrichi et complet de la pile, et bien plus encore.

Senior Product Manager, Azure Monitoring & Analytics