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Improve your energy and carbon efficiency with Azure sustainability guidance

mercredi 9 novembre 2022

As we continue to build out our sustainability guidance to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals using Azure, our goal is to meet you where you are and help you do more with less—whether you’re building cloud-native applications, operating in hybrid environments, or evaluating solutions for organization-wide emissions reporting.

CVP of Industry, Apps, and Data Marketing at Microsoft

Announcing more Azure VMware Solution enhancements

mardi 8 novembre 2022

 With Azure VMware Solution,  IT agility is a top priority as organizations enabled remote work and ensured business resilience via cloud solutions. In today’s economic climate most organizations want to do more with less. They recognize that by running workloads in the cloud, they can respond more rapidly and reduce IT infrastructure costs.

Partner Director—Product Management

Préparer les développeurs à la modernisation cloud en 5 étapes

mercredi 3 août 2022

Microsoft Azure vous offre non seulement les outils et technologies dont vous avez besoin pour migrer vers le cloud, mais également un support étendu destiné aux développeurs pour la modernisation cloud. Cet article présente la documentation technique, les ressources pédagogiques et les instructions détaillées disponibles conçues pour vous aider à développer les compétences et la stratégie nécessaires pour moderniser vos applications.

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Migrate and modernize with Azure to power innovation across the entire digital estate

mardi 19 juillet 2022

Cloud adoption increased significantly during COVID-19 and continues for many companies. However, an enormous migration and modernization opportunity remains as organizations continue their digital transformation. This is why we are focusing on three key areas of growth at Microsoft Inspire: innovation with new cloud-native experiences, modernization of app and data estates, and migration and modernization of infrastructure and mission-critical workloads.

Corporate Vice President, Azure Marketing

Modernize with Azure Migrate

mercredi 13 juillet 2022

There is an increased need for IT solutions to maintain business continuity and sustain innovation. Hyperscalers such as Microsoft’s Azure fill this need and are less affected by these constraints due to the economies of scale. This week at Microsoft Inspire, we are highlighting our commitment to modernization with integrated, at-scale modernization of ASP.NET applications to Azure Application Service.

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure Migrate—Product & Ecosystem