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Bitnami application stacks in the Azure Marketplace

We're excited to announce Bitnami application stacks in the Azure Marketplace.

Earlier this month, we announced the next chapter in our partnership with Bitnami as we begin certifying a number of Linux-based images from VM Depot into Azure Marketplace.

Today, I’m excited to share that all 120 application stacks are now available in the Azure Marketplace. Below are a couple of snapshots to show how they look in the Azure portal (search for Bitnami in the Azure Marketplace) and Azure Gallery (search Bitnami under the All tab).

Azure Marketplace

Azure Gallery

Guidance for images not migrating to the Azure Marketplace

Since we announced this effort a few weeks ago, we’ve received fantastic input from customers and the community as we renew efforts to provide trusted technology stacks from the open source ecosystem in Azure Marketplace.

However, we also recognize some customers might want to continue working with images available in VM Depot today, regardless of whether they are onboarded into Marketplace. For those cases, we have a three-step solution that will be published shortly.