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Migrate Linux VMs to Azure with Migration Accelerator

Today, we are excited to add support for the migration of Linux physical and virtual machines to Azure.

We announced the Limited Preview of Migration Accelerator (MA) in September 2014. Since then, several customers have evaluated and successfully migrated their on-premises Windows Servers to Azure. Today, we are excited to add support for the migration of Linux physical and virtual machines to Azure, this functionality will further bolster the support for heterogeneity in MA.

This release will support migration of following operating systems to Azure:

  • Cent OS 6.4, 6.5
  • Oracle Linux 6.4, 6.5

Supported configuration:

  • Root file system with single disk
  • Multiple data disks
  • Root disk/device usage in configuration files: UUID, BY-LABEL, BY-ID(SCSI ID), Multipath, LVM, partition
  • File system types: ext3, ext4
  • Volume Manager for root device: Linux LVM2

Getting Started

Before you start using MA, you must understand different components of the product and its functionality. In addition, learn about the Azure capabilities and limitations:


User Next Steps
If you are a new MA customer Visit Microsoft Migration Accelerator and sign-up for preview.
If you are an existing MA customer migrating Windows Servers and want to migrate Linux Servers Visit the product help for links to download and instructions to install the product.

We hope you try it out, give us your feedback and spread the word to those who would like to migrate their Linux VMs to Azure.  Please post your questions and comments to Migration Accelerator Forum.

Please see these links for more information: