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Azure Automation: Update Azure Modules runbook is open source

Published date: February 07, 2019

The Update Azure Modules runbook is now open source on GitHub.

Why have we open-sourced this runbook?

Azure Automation allows updating Azure PowerShell modules imported into an Automation account with the latest module versions available in the PowerShell Gallery. This capability is currently exposed as the Update Azure Modules action on the Modules page of an Automation account, and is implemented in the service by a hidden runbook. Because the runbook code is hidden and not editable, a customer’s opportunities to diagnose, troubleshoot, and tweak the module update process are limited.

Open-sourcing this runbook (a 400-line PowerShell script) resolves this problem and provides other benefits. Now Automation customers can:

  • Understand, troubleshoot, and customize the module update process.
  • Start or schedule the runbook like any other runbook. There's no need to invoke the API directly or use helper scripts like Update-AzureModule.ps1.
  • Apply fixes faster. There's no need to wait for Automation to perform a service deployment—just grab and import the latest runbook version.
  • Reuse the module update code in their own solutions.
  • Contribute back to the open-source project.

We recommend that you switch to using the open-source runbook version when you update the Azure modules in your Automation accounts.  Learn more.



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