Public preview: Dev Spaces connect for Azure Kubernetes Service

Updated: November 04, 2019

Network traffic sent to the in-cluster container is redirected to the code running on your local machine. Environment variables and files are replicated locally and for any services your local code communicates with (such as https://service1/), the request is routed back to the cluster. This feature enables you to easily develop and test a service locally in the context of the broader application running in a shared AKS cluster, all without affecting other processes running in the cluster.

Developers writing microservice-based applications typically have to set up or mock the full graph of dependencies, and maintain Docker and/or Kubernetes configuration files for a given application, just to work on an individual service. In order to solve a problem or iterate on an idea, developers have to make code changes, build, and deploy an image, just to see the changes manifest. Executing this type of workflow dozens of times a day adds up to hours of lost productivity.

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