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Preview: Cross Region Restore (CRR) for Recovery Services Agent (MARS) using Azure Backup

Published date: September 14, 2023

In continuation with the General Availability of Cross Region Restore for VMs, SQL and SAP HANA backups and to strengthen our resiliency pillar, we are announcing the support of Cross Region Restore for Recovery Services Agent (MARS) using Azure Backup.

Azure customers leverage the Recovery Services Agent to back up their file/folder and system state to an Azure Recovery Services Vault. The backup data in the primary region can also be geo replicated to an Azure-paired secondary region for durability. Earlier, the data that is replicated to secondary region is available to restore in secondary region only if Azure declares a disaster in primary region. With the introduction of this new support, customers can trigger restore of Recovery Services Agent backups in secondary region at any time.

This capability can be leveraged in the following scenarios:

    • When the primary region is available to test restores from backup data in secondary region for audit/compliance purposes.
    • When the primary region is unavailable, customers can trigger restore of backed up data in secondary region even if Azure primary region is partially unavailable or completely unavailable without any wait time.

This capability is available with Recovery Services Agent version 2.0.9254.0 or higher.

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