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New filters experience is available in Power BI Embedded

Published date: August 14, 2019

Filters have new functionality and a new design. When you opt in to the new filter experience, you can format the Filters pane to look like the rest of the report. You can lock and even hide filters. Use the JavaScript SDK – Filters APIs, to define advanced filter pane capabilities.

When designing your report, you no longer see the old Filters pane at all in the Visualizations pane. You do all your filter editing and formatting in a single Filters pane.

New filter experience

As a report designer, here's what you can do in the new single Filters pane:

  • Add and remove fields to filter on.
  • Change the filter state.
  • Format and customize the Filters pane so that it feels part of your report.
  • Define whether the Filters pane is open or collapsed by default when a consumer opens the report.
  • Hide the entire Filters pane or specific filters that you don’t want report consumers to see.
  • Control and even bookmark the visibility, open, and collapsed state of the new Filters pane.
  • Lock filters that you don’t want consumers to edit.

With the new filter experience, report consumers can also hover over any visual to see a read-only list of all the filters or slicers affecting that visual.

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