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What's new in Azure Log Analytics - April 2018

Published date: April 17, 2018

New features and functionality are now available in Azure Log Analytics.

The Log Analytics Settings menu now includes a View section, which exposes two new capabilities.

The first new capability is automatic sorting. Query results are now sorted by the time field ("TimeGenerated") by default. However, this setting controls client-side sorting. Queries that yield more than 10,000 results might not appear in true order (sorting is applied only to the displayed results, which are partial and might not be consecutive). For queries that yield more than 10,000 results, you should perform sorting on the server by adding "… | sort by TimeGenerated" to your query.

Another new setting is the preferred number of results shown per page. If 50 results doesn't meet your needs, you can adjust the table to show up to 200 results per page.

Also, Query Explorer now shows a context menu next to each saved item, so you can easily rename and delete items.

These new query language functions were added recently: hash_sha256() (returns a sha256 hash value for the input value); row_cumsum() (calculates the cumulative sum of a column, across records); strcmp() (compares two strings); and stdevif() and varianceif() (calculate the standard deviation or variance of an expression across results that satisfy a given condition).

For more information, see the full change log.

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