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Generally available: Azure Hybrid Benefit for AKS and Azure Stack HCI

Published date: October 12, 2022

As you increase cloud adoption to run VM-based and containerized applications, you also need to keep workloads on-premises. At Microsoft, we are committed to meeting you where you are. Azure Hybrid Benefit is a program that enables you to significantly reduce the costs of running workloads in the cloud. 

At Ignite, we are expanding Azure Hybrid Benefit to further reduce costs for on-premises and edge locations. Customers with Windows Server Software Assurance (SA) can use Azure Hybrid Benefit for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Azure Stack HCI to:

  • Run AKS on Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI at no additional cost in datacenter and edge locations. With this, you can deploy and manage containerized Linux and Windows applications from cloud to edge with a consistent, managed Kubernetes service. This applies to Windows Server Datacenter and Standard Software Assurance and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) customers. 
  • Use first-party Arc-enabled infrastructure, Azure Stack HCI, at no additional cost. Windows Server Datacenter Software Assurance customers can modernize their existing datacenter and edge infrastructure to run their VM and container-based applications on modern infrastructure with industry-leading price-performance and built-in connectivity to Azure.

Learn more about the additional benefits in our blog and documentation.

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