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General availability: New enhanced connection troubleshoot

Published date: March 01, 2023

As customers bring sophisticated, high-performance workloads into Azure, there is a critical need for increased visibility and control over the operational state of complex networks running these workloads. With decreased visibility, diagnosing becomes difficult as the customer ends up in a black box with minimum control. One such day-to-day common occurring scenario is connectivity.

Although Microsoft Azure Network Watcher provides numerous specialized standalone tools to diagnose and troubleshoot connectivity cases. These tools include IP Flow Verify – helping detect blocked traffic due to network security group (NSG) rules restriction, Next Hop – determine intended traffic as per the rules of the effective route, and Port Scanner – helping determine any port blocking traffic. With the enhance connection troubleshoot, we attempt to build all the above functionality in one place as a comprehensive way of doing all major checks specifically issues pertaining to NSG, user defined routes, and blocked ports in one single place. Another notable enhancement is actionable insights. Instead of just few cryptic error messages where the user scrambles to find a solution, a step-by-step guide or proper documentation will be provided for faster resolution.

With a one-stop solution to all disjointed operations and actionable insights at the fingertips, the new comprehensive and improved Network Watcher connection troubleshoot aims to reduce mean time to resolution and improve your experience.

New features:

  • Unified solution for troubleshooting all NSG, user defined routes, and blocked ports
  • Actionable insights with step-by-step guide to resolve issues
  • Identifying configuration issues impacting connectivity
  • NSG rules that are blocking traffic
  • Inability to open a socket at the specified source port
  • No servers listening on designated destination ports
  • Misconfigured or missing routes

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