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General availability: Conversational language understanding

Published date: June 01, 2022

Language Understanding (LUIS) has been one of our fastest growing Cognitive Services with customers deploying custom language models to production for various scenarios from command-and-control IoT devices and chat bots, to contact center agent assist scenarios. The next phase in the evolution of LUIS is conversational language understanding (CLU), which we are announcing today as a generally available feature of the new Language Service. CLU includes multilingual transformer-based models as the underlying model architecture and results in significant accuracy improvements over LUIS. Also new, as part of CLU, is the ability to create orchestration projects which allow you to configure a project to route to multiple customizable language services. This includes question answering knowledge bases, other CLU projects, and even classic LUIS applications.

If you are an existing LUIS customer you are not required to migrate your application to CLU however, as CLU represents the evolution of LUIS, we encourage you to start experimenting with CLU and provide us feedback on your experience. You can import a LUIS JSON application directly into CLU to get started.

Learn more about Cognitive Service for Language.

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