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Experimentation capabilities for Azure App Configuration now in public preview

Published date: May 21, 2024

Experimentation is a new feature in Azure App Configuration that allows you to conduct experiments on your application’s features, collecting metrics and Feature Flag impressions  - in production  - to determine impact.  

Now in public preview, the experimentation capability makes it easier to iterate on new functionalities in your application.  Experiment results  help developers be more responsive to user activity and application performance.  Experimentation can be used to:

  • Iterate on generative AI models to adapt to user needs, identify options to scale AI capabilities, and improve accuracy.
  • Assess new feature performance and usage, reducing risks of feature rollouts, and improving product quality – all of which enhance CI/CD capabilities and provides a foundation for continuous experimentation.
  • Leverage A/B testing to generate empirical data comparing different UI elements.
  • Deliver personalized content and experiences tailored to user preferences and behaviors.

Experimentation is enabled by integrating Azure App Configuration with Azure Application Insights and the Split Experimentation Workspace (a partner solution that is part of Azure ISV Services). 

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