Event Grid Premium tier is now in preview

Updated: March 13, 2020

Azure Event Grid Premium tier offers all the capabilities included in the consumption-based Basic tier with additional Enterprise features layered on top aimed at making Event Grid the perfect choice as the eventing backbone of your mission critical workloads.

The initial public preview allows for Private Endpoints to be assigned to Premium Topics and Premium Event Domains, allowing VNET resources to talk directly to your Topics and Domains without having to access the public internet. During the initial Public Preview, Premium tier resources are subject to the same limits as Basic tier resources.

Future updates to the Event Grid Premium tier will provide additional capabilities, such as:

  • Performance-guaranteed reserved capacity
  • Additional security features
  • Additional SLAs for your critical workloads
  • Adjustable limits

Try out VNET integration with Topics and Domains using Private Endpoints

Learn more in the documentation


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