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Build 2023: New Azure App Service plans fuel greater choice and savings

Published date: May 23, 2023

Not all workloads in the cloud need the same resources, which is why organizations regularly optimize their architecture with a mix of technologies and service plans that best meet their current needs.

The new memory-optimized series of P*mv3 plans, labeled as P1mv3, P2mv3, P3mv3, and so on.

These offerings provide the flexibility to scale your memory configuration without having to pay for additional cores. They also complement our existing line-up by creating more cost-effective options for workloads that need more memory to cache data or render a large page quickly, while working well using existing compute horsepower. They range from two virtual cores with 16 GB RAM in P1mv3 (compared to two cores, 8 GB RAM in P1v3) to 32 virtual cores with 256 GB RAM in the P5mv3.

The P0v3 plan gives you access to all the modern features that you expect from our most popular Premium v3 service plan at an extremely competitive price point. If you’re currently using or considering the Standard plan or Premium v2 (Pv2) plan, the new P0v3 plan delivers significantly higher performance at a similar monthly cost. What’s more, the P0v3 plan allows you to take advantage of Azure savings plans and reserved instance (RI) pricing—only available on the Premium v3 tier—for up to 55 percent more savings compared to the pay-as-you-go plan. Start planning your deployments today; app modernization has never been more compelling.

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