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Azure Sphere update 20.01 is now available

Published date: February 20, 2020

Azure Sphere update 20.01 is now available in the retail feed. This update includes enhancements to the OS and SDK to further strengthen the security of devices at customer sites and ensure supportability. See a summary of what's new in this update.

To build applications that take advantage of new functionality, download and install the latest Azure Sphere SDK. All Wi-Fi-connected and ethernet-connected devices will automatically receive an updated Azure Sphere operating system.

If you encounter problems, please notify us immediate through your Microsoft technical account manager (TAM) so that we can address any issues. Microsoft engineers and Azure Sphere community experts will also respond to product-related questions on our MSDN forum and development questions on Stack Overflow

Learn more about how to install the 20.01 Azure Sphere release.

  • Azure Sphere
  • Operating System
  • SDK and Tools

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