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Azure Security Center for IoT now available

Published date: July 29, 2019

Research shows that security concerns are the top reason organizations slow or pause IoT deployments. Because of the integration chanllenges inherent in IoT, organizations need security tools that protect their entire IoT solutions, from devices and IoT services to the connected cloud infrastructure and the admins who manage the solution. Azure Security Center enables organizations to protect their entire IoT solution with these features:

  • Azure Security Center uses Microsoft's unique threat intelligence to protect against emerging threats, giving IoT operators and security pros a list of potential threats ranked by severity, along with remediation steps
  • Azure Security Center analyzes your solution for weaknesses, using industry best practices and Microsoft security expertise to rank the most important security posture improvements for your specific solution, along with configuration steps
  • Azure Security Center provides tailored levels of security information to each user, giving IoT operators  IoT-specific threat and security posture information in the IoT Hub UI, while allowing security pros to view IoT information in the context of all their on-prem and cloud workloads

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