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General availability: Azure IoT Central new and updated features—July 2021

Published date: August 13, 2021

Raw data view improvements

The Raw data view has been enhanced to enable multiple selection by Message type. This lets you filter the view so you can see command request and response events or device connected and disconnected events together.


Last connect or disconnect timestamp in device details

You can now view a device's connection state on the Devices page. To see the latest connection event, go to the list of devices on the Devices page. Hover over a device name to see the Connected or Disconnected state, the event’s timestamp, and other device information.

IoT Edge system module commands

Monitor and manage IoT Edge deployments from IoT Central using commands included in the IoT Edge system modules. The commands enabled in this release include RestartModule command which lets you remotely restart a failed or unhealthy module on an IoT Edge device. You can also use a command to view logs returned from IoT Edge system modules.

IoT Edge device monitoring

You can now monitor your IoT Edge fleet remotely using Azure Monitor or IoT Central and built-in metrics integration. To enable the public preview feature of Azure IoT Edge monitoring solution on your device, add the metrics-collector module to your deployment and configure it to collect and transport module metrics to Azure Monitor or to IoT Central. Built-in metrics and curated visualizations let you quickly and easily analyze the efficiency of your solution. Capture metrics such as message latencies and throughput, both between local modules and upstream communication.

IoT Central documentation

Take a look at the updated device template and device modeling content.We've reorganized and consolidated some content to make it easier to find and use.

To learn more about IoT Central, see the documentation.

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