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Introducing Azure Backup Center

Published date: September 22, 2020

Azure Backup has enabled a new native central management capability to manage your entire Backup estate from a single pane of glass. Backup Center provides you with the capability to monitor, operate, govern, and optimize data protection at scale in a unified manner consistent with core Azure native management paradigms.

You can now perform all your backup related actions from this central console. You get an aggregated view of your inventory across subscriptions, locations, resources groups, vaults, and even tenants using Lighthouse. Backup Center is also an action center from where you can trigger your backup related activities - configuring backup, restore, creation of policies or vaults from a single place.

It helps ensure governance from a backup perspective by integrating Azure policies and giving you a view to policy definitions along with compliance associated with backup. You can monitor your jobs from a single place with easy filters for operation types. In addition, you can get reports on Backup that provide you with insights that can help you optimize backup operations.

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