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Azure API Management roundup of features and fixes

Published date: March 26, 2019

On March 22, we started a regular Azure API Management service update. The update includes the following bug fixes, changes, and new features:

  • We added an optional output-token-variable-name attribute to the validate-jwt policy. Upon successful validation, the context variable identified by this attribute will receive an object of type Jwt, which represents the incoming token.
  • We added expressions support to the openid-config attribute of the validate-jwt policy.
  • We added an optional buffer-request-body to the forward-request policy. When set to true (default is false), this request will be automatically buffered and reused on the next retry.
  • We added an IssuedAt property to the Jwt type. It corresponds to the iat registered claim defined in the JSON Web Token (JWT) specification.
  • We fixed a bug that caused a TLS certificate error when API Management was accessed via regional gateway URLs. You can find regional endpoints on the properties blade in the Azure portal.

We deploy updates gradually. It usually takes a week or more for every active service instance to receive the updates.

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