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Azure Lab Services update: Address range feature now available

Published date: May 08, 2019

In Azure Lab Services, we added the ability to provide address range of virtual machines for the labs. This is useful for scenarios where licensing servers for an application on the lab virtual machines only accept a specific range of IP addresses.

We added an optional field to provide address range during lab account creation in Azure Portal. If the address range is provided, all the virtual machines in the labs under the lab account will be created in that address range. The address range should be in CIDR notation. When providing an address range, it is important to think about the number of virtual machines that will be created in the labs and provide an address range to accommodate that. 

Address range setting is also available under Labs configuration in case you want to modify address range after lab account is created. In such a case, modified address range applies only to new labs that are created after the change was made.

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