Cloud-hosted tools for Java teams

Azure DevOps makes your software lifecycle better and faster

Get started with DevOps faster

Bootstrap your DevOps pipeline and get set up to deliver your Java web apps into the cloud in minutes with Azure DevOps Projects. Quickly create a pipeline for a new Spring or JSF app—or any existing Java app—deployed to containers or an Azure Web App.

Your language, your tools

Azure DevOps integrates with the Java development tools that you already use and love. Plug-ins for IntelliJ, Android Studio, and Eclipse let you work in Azure DevOps from your favorite IDEs.

Build, measure, learn

Use Agile planning and management tools like backlogs and boards to help efficiently plan the software development process. Enable Application Insights to measure performance and usage of your Java applications in production. Use Microsoft Azure’s Java services to deliver cloud-ready applications.

Collaborate with code

Use pull requests in your Git repositories to review code and collaborate with members of your team. Branch policies integrate with pull requests to enforce code quality and protect your master branch from bad merges. Repository forks enable inner-source workflows within your company.

Continuous integration and delivery

Build on free, hosted build agents running Windows, Linux, or macOS, or bring your own infrastructure. Test your code with JUnit or Selenium, then run Azure JMeter load testing. Deploy to your choice of app servers including Tomcat, WebSphere, or JBoss/Wildfly on any platform, regardless of infrastructure.

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