Get started with Azure Sphere

Azure Sphere development kits provide everything you need to start prototyping and developing Azure Sphere applications. Order yours today and start taking advantage of the rich development experience in Visual Studio.


  • An Azure Sphere development kit

Once you have a dev kit

Follow the Get Started documentation to install Azure Sphere and set up your board.

Make the most of this opportunity

Connect with our team of Microsoft partner technical consultants to help your business develop key capabilities. Azure Sphere manufacturing tooling and documentation are available for OEMs to incorporate Azure Sphere into your product.


Comprehensive support options are available to meet your needs, whether you're getting started or are already deploying Azure Sphere.


Third party disclosures

Included here are the notices and source code for third party components shipped with Azure Sphere, in accordance with the corresponding licenses that contain disclosure obligations.

Third Party Notices for TP4.2 release

Third Party Notices for TP4.2.1 release