Archive Storage General Availability Pricing

Pricing effective February 1, 2018

Data storage, transfer, and operations prices

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Storage (per GB-month) $0.002 $0.004 $0.004
Write Operations* (per 10,000) $0.1 $0.2 $0.2
List and Create Container Operations (per 10,000) $0.05 $0.1 $0.1
Read Operations** (per 10,000) $5 $5 $5
All other Operations (per 10,000), except Delete which is free $0.004 $0.004 $0.004
Data Retrieval (per GB) $0.02 $0.02 $0.02
Data Write (per GB) Free Free Free

Note: Archive prices are shown only for West US 2 and may vary for other regions.

Blob Storage accounts charge $0.0025 for Cool Data Write (per GB).

* The following API calls are considered write operations: PutBlob, PutBlock, PutBlockList, AppendBlock, SnapshotBlob, CopyBlob, and SetBlobTier (when it moves a Blob from Hot to Cool, Cool to Archive, or Hot to Archive. Learn more).

** The following API calls are considered read operations: GetBlob and SetBlobTier (when it moves a Blob from Archive to Cool, Cool to Hot, or Archive to Hot. Learn more).

For blobs in Archive, the only valid operations are GetBlobProperties, GetBlobMetadata, ListBlobs, SetBlobTier, and DeleteBlob. Setting the tier from Archive to Hot or Cool typically takes up to 15 hours to complete. Learn more.

Cool and Archive early deletion (effective February 1, 2018)

In addition to the per-GB, per-month charge, any blob that is moved to Archive is subject to an Archive early deletion period of 180 days. Additionally, for General Purpose v2 accounts, any blob that is moved to Cool is subject to a Cool early deletion period of 30 days. This charge is prorated. For example, if a blob is moved to Archive and then deleted or moved to the Hot tier after 45 days, the customer is charged an early deletion fee equivalent to 135 (180 minus 45) days of storing that blob in Archive.