Azure Block Blobs Storage Pricing

Block blobs

Block Blob storage is used for streaming and storing documents, videos, pictures, backups, and other unstructured text or binary data. Append Blobs are also metered as Block Blobs.

Below are the prices of Block Blobs in general purpose storage accounts. To see the prices for Block Blobs in Blob storage accounts with Hot and Cool access tiers, please click here.

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Storage Prices

Storage Capacity LRS ZRS GRS RA-GRS
First 1 terabyte (TB) / month $- per GB $- per GB $- per GB $- per GB
Next 49 TB (1 to 50 TB) / month $- per GB $- per GB $- per GB $- per GB
Next 450 TB (50 to 500 TB) / month $- per GB $- per GB $- per GB $- per GB
Next 500 TB (500 to 1,000 TB) / month $- per GB $- per GB $- per GB $- per GB
Next 4,000 TB (1,000 to 5,000 TB) / month $- per GB $- per GB $- per GB $- per GB
Over 5,000 TB / Month Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us

Operations and data transfer prices

The following prices are costs of HTTP operations against your Block Blob data, and costs of retrieving data from, or writing data into, your Block Blobs.

Write Operations* (per 10,000) $- $- $- $-
List and Create Container Operations (per 10,000) $- $- $- $-
Read Operations** (per 10,000) $- $- $- $-
All other operations (per 10,000) $- $- $- $-
Data Retrieval (per GB) Free Free Free Free
Data Write (per GB) Free Free Free Free
Geo-Replication Data Transfer (per GB) Free Free Free Free
*The following API calls are considered write operations: AbortCopyBlob, AppendBlock, BreakBlobLease, BreakContainerLease, ChangeBlobLease, ChangeContainerLease, CopyBlob, CreateContainer, IncrementalCopyBlob, PutBlob, PutBlock, PutBlockList, PutGeoMessage, PutGeoRepairMessageMeasurementEvent, PutGeoVerificationMessageMeasurementEvent, SetBlobMetadata, SetBlobProperties, SetBlobServiceProperties, SetContainerACL, SetContainerMetadata, SnapshotBlob, and UndeleteBlob. **The following API calls are considered read operations: AcquireBlobLease, AcquireContainerLease, BlobPreflightRequest, GeoBootstrap, GetBlob, GetBlobLeaseInfo, GetBlobMetadata, GetBlobProperties, GetBlobServiceProperties, GetBlobServiceStats, GetBlockList, GetContainerACL, GetContainerMetadata, GetContainerProperties, GetCopyInformation, GetEncryptionKey, ReleaseBlobLease. ReleaseContainerLease, RenewBlobLease, and RenewContainerLease.


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