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Innovate with IoT industry solutions

By uncovering insights from your connected devices and backend systems, you’re able to transform those insights into powerful applications and services that help you achieve unprecedented levels of operational and business performance.

Empower digital transformation across any industry.


Evolve products and processes with IoT for manufacturing

Evolve products and processes with IoT for manufacturing

Monitor manufacturing equipment

Improve your processes using industrial IoT solutions. Use sensors and advanced analytics to predict needed maintenance, and reduce unplanned downtime cutting into production time.

Provide predictive maintenance to customers

Create new business models that offer predictive maintenance and performance monitoring for the equipment you produce, delivering a richer customer experience.

Improve field service

Access sensor data to improve field service scheduling, ensuring the right technicians and tools are dispatched before potential issues become a major problem.


Keep things moving with IoT for transportation

Keep things moving with IoT for transportation

Maintain vehicle performance

Keep vehicles on the road by predicting and monitoring maintenance needs—fixing potential issues during downtime to keep your business moving.

Enable IoT in vehicles

Create innovative IoT-enabled vehicle capabilities and solutions that transform the customer driving experience and safety while bringing valuable insights to your business.

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Optimize fleet operations

Streamline logistics using real-time data and alerts to optimize delivery routes, monitor performance, and quickly respond to delays or issues as they happen.

Keep traffic moving

Monitor and process real-time traffic data to help manage transportation infrastructures, assess road conditions, and ease congestion.

Smart spaces

Create safer, more valuable spaces with IoT for smart spaces

Create safer, more valuable spaces with IoT for smart spaces

Create safer cities

Connect infrastructures to better regulate traffic, make emergency systems more efficient, and reduce police and emergency medical technician response times.

Create smart buildings

Connect building devices and systems to bring more efficient operation and control to building owners, operators, and occupants.

Improve service, experience, and support

Increase service efficiency, from repairing broken street lamps to maintaining traffic lights to optimizing garbage truck routes.


Enhance the customer experience with IoT for retail

Enhance the customer experience with IoT for retail

Empower employees with data-driven insights

Devices like beacons, video cameras, and smart shelves provide valuable data that informs businesses on how their customers behave and how to best engage with them.

Fine-tune merchandising and inventory plans

IoT data empowers organizations to assess the effectiveness of store layouts and product presentations, and more intelligently forecast inventory demand.

Deliver personalized, seamless experiences that drive sales

Digital kiosks, mobile apps, and rich customer data enable retailers to anticipate customer desires and effectively execute personalized campaigns as well as cross-sell and up-sell motions.

Optimize operations with service metrics for a more agile organization

Decision makers can use real-time insights throughout the store to ensure a positive customer service, more effectively allocate staff, and improve operational efficiency.

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Improve patient care and treatment with IoT for healthcare

Improve patient care and treatment with IoT for healthcare

Evolve patient care

Allow patients to receive care away from their hospital at home, elsewhere around the world. With wearable sensors and service solutions, doctors can reduce readmissions and enable proactive care.

Monitor medical assets

Help your staff spend less time searching and more time with patients by better tracking and managing supplies and medicine—all on a cloud platform that's HIPAA compliant.

Maintain vital equipment

Ensure critical medical devices are ready to use when your patients need them most by fixing potential problems before they occur with predictive maintenance.

Track equipment usage

Enhance the overall well-being of patients by tracking how equipment is used, from employing hospital bed sensors to monitoring room temperature and hand washing stations.

Natural resources

Increase efficiencies with IoT for natural resources

Increase efficiencies with IoT for natural resources

Equipment Monitoring and Field Service

Gain visibility into asset performance, predict the performance of mission critical devices, and optimate utilization, maintenance, and support.

Optimize the use of resources

Improve the efficiency and performance, save energy, and reduce waste, saving money for you and your customers.

Improve health and safety

Help your team work more efficiently and safely by monitoring individual and local working conditions and configurations.

Bring your things to life with IoT partners

Simplify and tailor your Internet of Things solution to your business needs with the help of a trusted Microsoft IoT partner that specializes in your industry.