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Azure Quantum: Open, flexible, and future-proofed

Quantum computing is evolving quickly. There are many different qubit technologies and development tools vying for your consideration. It can be challenging to know where to get started and how to optimally invest your resources. Some companies offer only one solution—their own, while others offer open ecosystems but leave it to you to change your code when you want to try a new quantum system. This means more work for you; higher code maintenance costs and incompatibility as technologies mature.

Diagram of Azure Quantum Workspace

Azure Quantum takes a different approach by adapting to how you work and eliminating the overhead and challenges of trying the latest quantum innovations. Azure Quantum provides the best development environment to create quantum algorithms for multiple platforms at once while preserving flexibility to tune the same algorithms for specific systems. You can pick from many programming languages such as Qiskit, Cirq, and Q# and run your algorithms on multiple quantum systems. On Azure Quantum, it’s easy to simultaneously explore today’s quantum systems and be ready for the scaled quantum systems of the future.

The Azure Quantum team has been focused on updates that adapt to how you work and help you explore the latest quantum innovations. I’m pleased to recap the benefits of our recent updates to the quantum community.

Access the latest quantum hardware, now including Rigetti

Azure Quantum is excited to announce our new quantum hardware partnership with Rigetti. Rigetti’s gate-based superconducting processors will be available in Azure Quantum soon and utilize QIR to enable low latency and parallel execution.

Azure Quantum Partners

Get up to $10,000 in Azure Quantum hardware credits

Experiment with quantum hardware for free with the Azure Quantum Credits program. You can apply for up to $10,000 USD in credits to use on partner hardware for your research or commercial projects.

Choose your own tools and languages like Quantum Python SDKs

Start with the language and SDK that you’re most familiar with, such as Qiskit or Cirq Python packages, as well as explore the full-featured, built-for-quantum language, Q#. Build on code you’ve already written and work in your favorite development environment including free, hosted Jupyter notebooks.

Test algorithms with free and scalable simulators

Design your algorithms using fast, free, and scalable simulators that simulate current and future quantum machines. Our open systems simulator lets you simulate how your programs run on today’s hardware, and our cloud-based full-state simulator lets you simulate larger quantum programs.

Get started today

Azure Quantum ensures an open, flexible, and future-proofed path to quantum computing that adapts to your way of working, accelerates your progress, and protects your technology investments.