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Explore today’s quantum systems with Azure Quantum

Companies and application partners are opening up new avenues of research using Azure Quantum to experiment with building and running quantum algorithms on leading quantum hardware from Honeywell Quantum Solutions and IonQ.

One of the challenges in quantum computing is understanding where the practical impact will be as hardware capabilities mature. At this week’s Microsoft Build, Microsoft’s Mariia Mykhailova explains the important role our quantum software development tools play in researching and testing quantum algorithms on quantum hardware through Azure Quantum. To help developers build skills in this critical area, Mariia breaks down the hybrid quantum software development workflow into steps, explaining each step and related tools in detail, many of which a classical developer will find familiar.

At Microsoft Build, Brian Neyenhuis from Honeywell Quantum Systems will also share how Japan’s largest oil company ENEOS and Microsoft Quantum Network partner QunaSys use Honeywell’s trapped-ion system for practical quantum chemistry research. Vibration spectrums are used to identify chemical compounds, understand equilibrium and transitional structures in chemical reactions, and understand thermodynamic quantities like free energy. The experiment simulates the molecular vibration modes of water and methanol, showing agreement between the quantum simulation and the known values. These types of experiments performed on systems available today help determine what future scaled-up systems can accomplish with bigger problems. We can take this knowledge forward as more scalable quantum hardware becomes available. Be sure to view the full Microsoft Build session, Develop and Run Quantum Algorithms on Today’s Systems with Azure Quantum.

Azure Quantum provides multiple paths to explore and build solutions with quantum technologies—both quantum-inspired optimization solutions running on classical hardware and quantum solutions running on today’s quantum hardware. Azure Quantum provides powerful tools, leading quantum hardware, learning resources, and a vibrant ecosystem for experimentation and quantum software development. You can use the familiar and trusted Azure platform to learn how to develop quantum algorithms and how to program and run them on real hardware from multiple providers. Developers, application partners, and businesses around the world are experimenting with Azure Quantum to access the best available quantum computing capabilities today.

Get started today and learn about quantum development with Q#, QDK, and Azure Quantum at the Azure Quantum Developer Workshop 3 on June 30, 2021.