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We are happy to announce the preview of ExpressRoute monitoring using Network Performance Monitor (NPM). With NPM, you can now monitor end-to-end connectivity and performance between your branch offices and VNETs in Azure, over ExpressRoute.

Comprehensive network monitoring

  • NPM discovers your ExpressRoute circuit connections and routers across Microsoft and service provider edge and campus networks.
  • Monitor connectivity to your workloads in Azure and identify specific hops that cause performance degradation for your users. View the health of these hops on an interactive network topology map.
  • View the state of your network at any point in the past, with the Network State Recorder feature. This helps identify transient issues that network admins often struggle with.

Unparalleled visibility into ExpressRoute health

  • Measure packet loss and network latency across your ExpressRoute circuits.
  • View bandwidth utilization for primary and secondary connections. Improve application performance by identifying circuits that are close to peak utilization.
  • Built-in diagnostics detect downtime of the primary or secondary, determine if network traffic is flowing via ExpressRoute or around it.
  • Set alerts on loss, latency and bandwidth utilization on a per VNET basis.

Start monitoring today

ExpressRoute circuits irrespective of their location, can be monitored using an NPM workspace hosted in East US, South East Asia, or West Europe Azure regions. 

For more information, please visit the documentation titled, Getting started with ExpressRoute monitoring

Figure 1

Figure 1: Network map with health of both primary and secondary connections

Figure 2

Figure 2: Bandwidth utilization across primary and secondary connections

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