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Sixty-five percent of developers say it’s too complicated and time-consuming to get dev-test resources.* It doesn’t have to be.

This blog series will provide guidance on setting up dev-test environments with the help of the Microsoft cloud so that you can get the most out of dev-test in minutes—not hours or days.


There’s a much faster way to create the infrastructure you need to deploy and test a tiered, web-based line-of-business application (LOB app). Azure makes it easy to simulate a LOB app production environment from your location on the Internet.

By using Azure infrastructure services to spin up virtual machines (VMs) and create a virtual network (VNet) (see our previous blog posts for more resources on Azure VMs and VNets), you can quickly create a hybrid cloud test environment to deploy and run a LOB app.

Create the infrastructure to deploy and test a tiered, web-based LOB app in a hybrid cloud test environment by following these step-by-step instructions. The web-based LOB application in a hybrid cloud test environment adds a SQL Server 2014 server and an Internet Information Services (IIS) server to the hybrid cloud base configuration.

This is a great starting point to develop and test LOB apps hosted on IIS with a SQL Server 2014 database backend in Azure, and to perform testing of your hybrid cloud-based IT workload.

Expand the capacity of the LOB app test environment by adding new Azure VMs to either the web or database tiers. Add an internal load balancer to distribute the traffic across multiple IIS servers.

After development and testing, follow these step-by-step instructions for deploying a high-availability LOB app in Azure to create the production environment. Because the Azure VNet is an extension of your on-premises network, your users still access the production LOB app servers as if the app were located in your on-premises datacenter.

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*Source: Business Case for Test Environment Management Whitepaper, Cognizant

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