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Back up your Data to the Cloud with 3 Simple Steps

Posted on November 4, 2014

Sr Product Marketing Manager, Cloud + Enterprise
Data is at the heart of any modern organization and backing it up is a critical part of business strategy. Cloud based backups are increasingly becoming a superior alternative to traditional off-site backups. Cloud based backup solutions offer enterprise grade scale and reliability with no upfront capital expenditure. Furthermore, total cost of ownership of cloud backups is significantly lower than tape based backups. This fact has been corroborated by analysts such as Gartner1. Microsoft Azure Backup is a simple yet powerful data protection solution that enables you to take advantage of Microsoft Azure’s world class infrastructure to back up your on-premises data. Get started with this cloud integrated backup solution. It is incredibly simple and you can follow the instructions in these 3 easy-to-follow videos to start protecting your on-premises data to Microsoft Azure.

1. Set up a Backup Vault on Azure

This video will help you set up a Backup Vault on Azure Management Portal. A Backup Vault is a virtual container for storing your backups in Azure. The video will also demonstrate downloading requisite files from Azure.

2. Prepare your production server

The second video will help you prepare your production server. This involves installing the Azure Backup Agent on your server and registering your server with Azure.

3. Backup and restore files from your production server

The third video will demonstrate how simple it is to backup data from your production server to Microsoft Azure and to restore it back.

Additional Resources

Now that you’ve learned how incredibly easy it is to back up your data to the cloud, try out the Azure Backup service!
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1: G00261961 – How to Determine If Cloud Backup Is Right for Your Servers, Published: 13 February 2014