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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 94 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:



AZULINK: Get your application fully managed on Azure with a one-stop-shop partner committed to results and centralizing governance and scalability of your Azure services on IaaS and PaaS.

BI for Dynamics 365FO

BI for Dynamics 365FO: Enable your organization to do more with company data. With Hillstar's standard BI connector for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, users can easily slice and dice through reports and drill down to deeper levels to see more detail.

Blender with Flamenco worker on Windows - ATLG

Blender with Flamenco worker on Windows – ATLG: Blender with Flamenco on Azure provides an easy-to-deploy Flamenco manager/worker environment that can be plugged into Blender Cloud. This marketplace image serves the “render vm” role in the worker pool.

Build Agent PRO for Azure DevOps

Build Agent PRO for Azure DevOps: This template offers a Linux-based build agent for Azure DevOps that can build and deploy .NET CORE, Angular, Node.JS, Java, C/C++, and Container projects by default. An emulation for ARM devices is also included.

Cisco Firepower Management Center Virtual (FMCv)

Cisco Firepower Management Center Virtual (FMCv): Control access to your network, control application use, and defend against known attacks. Use AMP and sandboxing technologies to address unknown attacks and track malware infections throughout your network.

Cobra - Commercial Broker Assistant

Cobra – Commercial Broker Assistant: Cobra includes everything brokers need for business, including Office 365 integration for easy communication with clients and intuitive storage for client data, contracts, and damages.


Data One: Data One can host, design, build, and manage existing and new reports for organizations that don’t have the capacity to manage their BI demands. The Data One platform simplifies reporting through Northern Data's dynamic BI portal.

DataRoad Reflect

DataRoad Reflect: DataRoad Reflect is a rapid data movement solution that lets you focus on delivering advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence instead of spending hours programming data migrations.

desknets NEO

desknets NEO: desknets NEO reduces the burden of operation management with extensive administrative functions, such as user and organization registration information management and flexible access rights management. This application is available only in Japanese.

Docker Community Edition With Ubuntu 1804 Lts

Docker Community Edition with Ubuntu 18.04 Lts: Docker Community Edition (CE) is ideal for individual developers and small teams looking to get started with Docker and experimenting with container-based apps.

EVE - cloud-based live captions for your event

EVE – cloud-based live captions for your event: EVE not only helps organizations comply with accessibility standards, it is also an additional medium, capturing every spoken word and sharing a transcript after a speech for further actions, including subtitles and SEO.

FM Converge on Azure

FM Converge on Azure: FM Converge on Azure is a highly responsive, cross-asset front-office/middle-office/operations/risk platform for pre-trade pricing, structuring, book valuation, and managing enterprise risk for a wide variety of financial instruments.

Get Azure Ops Data into Splunk - in 3 minutes

Get Azure Ops Data into Splunk – in 3 minutes: StreamWeaver offers a systematic, automated approach to distributing valuable operations data, including event, metric, topology, and log information, from all domains and clouds to the appropriate applications and teams.

Go timesheets, expense and leave software

Go timesheets, expense and leave software: Go is a scalable, web-based and mobile app for managing timesheets, expenses, and leave. Users can connect from anywhere – in the office or in the field – to submit time, leave, and expenses with attached receipts.

Hyper-Q Express Edition for Teradata to SQL DW

Hyper-Q Express Edition for Teradata to SQL DW: Hyper-Q takes SQL extensions and scripts written for Teradata and makes them interoperable with Azure SQL Data Warehouse while requiring little to no change to the business logic your company relies on.

Imredi Audit

Imredi Audit: The Imredi Audit solution is designed to audit stores, collect and analyze data from retail outlets, and help manage field employees. This application is available only in Russian.


iNAS: Unissoft is pleased to provide its iNAS cloud-based record-keeping solution for Azure and Office 365 users. iNAS protects records from inadvertent or unauthorized alteration, deletion, access, and retrieval while monitoring the integrity of records through an audit trail.

Indoorway InSite 40

Indoorway InSite 4.0: Indoorway provides accurate data and useful analytics about the movement of assets in industrial sites. Locate in real time any moving resources relevant to key production and intralogistics processes.

IoT Core Services

IoT Core Services: IoT Core Services by conplement AG provides a fast and secure end-to-end solution for device/machine connections in the Internet of Things and digital value-added services. This application is available only in German.

Jenkins With CentOS 76

Jenkins with CentOS 7.6: Jenkins is an open source automation server written in Java. Jenkins helps automate the non-human part of the software development process, with continuous integration and facilitating technical aspects of continuous delivery.

Lamp With CentOS 76

Lamp with CentOS 7.6: LAMP is an archetypal model of web service stacks, named as an acronym of its original components: Linux operating system, Apache HTTP server, MySQL relational database management system, and PHP programming language.

Lamp With Ubuntu Server 1804 Lts

Lamp with Ubuntu Server 18.04 Lts: LAMP is an archetypal model of web service stacks, named as an acronym of its original components: Linux operating system, Apache HTTP server, MySQL relational database management system, and PHP programming language.

LANCOM vRouter

LANCOM vRouter: The LANCOM vRouter is a software-based router for operation in virtualized environments. With its comprehensive range of functions and numerous security features based on the operating system LCOS, it offers a leading basis for modern infrastructures.

Mediant CE Session Border Controller (SBC)

Mediant CE Session Border Controller (SBC): AudioCodes' Mediant Session Border Controllers deliver seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and quality assurance for enterprise and service provider VoIP networks.

MinIO Helm Chart

MinIO Helm Chart: MinIO is an object storage server mainly used for storing unstructured data such as photos, videos, and log files.

Mojro Technologies Private Limited

Mojro Technologies Private Limited: Mojro's proprietary algorithms are deployed to perform space and route optimization together at scale and enable your organization to automate the planning and execution of logistics.

Movie Viewer

Movie Viewer: Movie Viewer is a virtual editing tool that enables you to create clips from multiple videos and combine them into playlists. This application is available only in Japanese.

NGINX Plus Developer Edition

NGINX Plus Developer Edition: NGINX Plus brings enterprise-ready features such as application load balancing, monitoring, and advanced management to your Microsoft Azure application stack.

Nginx With Ubuntu Server 1804 Lts

Nginx with Ubuntu Server 18.04 Lts: NGINX is open source software for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, media streaming, and more. NGINX started as a web server designed for maximum performance and stability.

Objectivity Metadata Connect

Objectivity Metadata Connect: Metadata Connect allows you to define information about data from any external source and form connections within it. You can then understand how data interacts as it is changed and perform powerful navigational and pathfinding queries.

On-Net Integration Business Series

On-Net Integration Business Series: On-Net Integration Business Series on Microsoft Azure boosts operational efficiency with a wide range of functions. This application is available only in Japanese.

Opus Suite

Opus Suite: Opus Suite gives you fast, accurate analyses, optimization, simulation, and answers throughout your system's lifecycle, helping you take control over performance and lifecycle cost.

Orange HRM

OrangeHRM: OrangeHRM is a free, comprehensive human resource management system that captures the essential functionalities required for any enterprise.

ProScheduler WFM

ProScheduler WFM: ProScheduler is an enterprise-class workforce management system offering cutting-edge optimization and real-time features. ProScheduler is quick to implement, easy to learn, and typically offers a return on investment within six months.

PyTorch from NVIDIA

PyTorch from NVIDIA: PyTorch is a GPU-accelerated tensor computation framework with a Python front end. This image bundles NVIDIA's container for PyTorch into the NGC base image for Microsoft Azure.

PyTorch Helm Chart

PyTorch Helm Chart: PyTorch is a deep learning platform that accelerates the transition from research prototyping to production deployment. This Bitnami image includes Torchvision for specific computer vision support.

Remote Desktop Services 2019 RDS Farm

Remote Desktop Services 2019 RDS Farm: Set up a basic remote desktop services (RDS) IaaS farm on Azure for testing or a production environment. Scale from 1 RDS host to 50 RDS hosts and allow users to connect to published desktops and applications from any device or OS.


SecureBox: SecureBox is a secure cloud file sharing platform. Access your data anywhere and back up, view, sync, and share your data on Microsoft Azure.

SFTP Gateway

SFTP Gateway: Built on the base Ubuntu 18.04 image from Canonical, SFTP Gateway is a secure-by-default, pre-configured SFTP server that saves files to Azure Blob Storage. Use SFTP Gateway as a traditional SFTP server or to upload files to Azure storage.

SmartGov for Administration

SmartGov for Administration: Proven in over 30 government departments and SOEs, SmartGov for Administration is a tried and tested solution for the digitization of some of the most problematic processes in the South African public sector back office.

Speech to Text

Speech to Text: Zoom Media offers its highly accurate Speech to Text service in 10 languages (Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English US, Filipino, Finnish, Flemish, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish). All models can be used in batch or real time and are customizable upon request.

TensorFlow from NVIDIA

TensorFlow from NVIDIA: TensorFlow is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. This image bundles NVIDIA's GPU-optimized TensorFlow container along with the base NGC Image.

Theobald Software Xtract IS for Azure

Theobald Software Xtract IS for Azure: With Xtract IS for Azure you can either develop new SSIS packages from scratch or use your existing SSIS packages developed with Xtract IS Ultimate/Enterprise. Develop on-premises and run in the cloud.

Tidal Migrations - Premium Insights for Database

Tidal Migrations – Premium Insights for Database: Tidal Migrations provides your team with a simple, fast, and cost-effective cloud migration management solution. This add-on empowers your team with actionable insights on the databases you plan to migrate to Azure.

Total Access Control

Total Access Control: Total Access Control from PortSys offers a Zero Trust approach to secure access to valuable resources wherever they may reside, locally or in the cloud. This single, scalable solution manages access across the enterprise.

Wanos Wan Optimization (SD-WAN)

Wanos WAN Optimization (SD-WAN): Reduce bandwidth and boost remote network access to Azure resources through TCP acceleration, compression, deduplication, object caching, packet loss recovery, forward error correction, QoS, and related WAN acceleration techniques.


WISE-PaaS/RMM 3.3: WISE-PaaS/RMM IoT by Advantech is a reliable, scalable, and extensible IoT device management platform that bridges layers in Advantech IoT platform architecture, including IoT device, system, and cloud layers.

Wordpress With Ubuntu Server 1604 Lts

WordPress with Ubuntu Server 16.04 Lts: WordPress is a free and open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system.

Consulting Services

AI Roadmap - 1 Day Brief

AI Roadmap – 1 Day Brief: This one-day briefing from StrategyWise will illustrate why you should use Azure AI tools with industry-specific case studies showing the value you can expect from digital transformation, prescriptive modeling, and AI applications built on Azure.

AI Roadmap - 3 Week Assessment

AI Roadmap – 3 Week Assessment: StrategyWise's three-week assessment will provide you with a comprehensive blueprint for executing successful AI projects on the Azure stack, helping you to drive organizational change and process improvements.

AI Roadmap - 5 Day Workshop

AI Roadmap – 5 Day Workshop: This five-day workshop from StrategyWise will help you identify prime opportunities in your organization to drive organizational change and process improvements through artificial intelligence powered by Azure.

Analytics Roadmap - 1 Day Brief

Analytics Roadmap – 1 Day Brief: StrategyWise will illustrate why you should democratize analytics with industry-specific case studies showing the value you can expect from digital transformation, prescriptive modeling, and AI applications built on Azure.

Analytics Roadmap - 3 Week Assessment

Analytics Roadmap – 3 Week Assessment: Looking to launch an advanced analytics initiative on Azure? This three-week assessment will provide a blueprint for executing successful analytics projects on Azure, helping you to drive organizational change and process improvements.

Analytics Roadmap - 5 Day Workshop

Analytics Roadmap – 5 Day Workshop: This five-day workshop from StrategyWise will help you identify prime opportunities in your organization to drive organizational change and process improvements through analytics democratization powered by Azure.

App Modernization using App service 10 Weeks Imp

App Modernization using App service 10 Weeks Imp.: Build, deploy, and scale modern web, mobile, and API apps using Azure App Service. This service includes architecture design, engineering, and deploying applications in the Azure environment.

Application Portfolio Assessment 6 Weeks

Application Portfolio Assessment: 6 Weeks: Cloudreach's six-week Application Portfolio Assessment with Cloudamize provides enterprises who want to migrate to Azure with a comprehensive migration strategy and a high-level estimate of run and build costs.

Assessment for Modern DataCenter - 4 weeks

Assessment for Modern Datacenter – 4 weeks: Sonata's four-week assessment service advises customers and recommends a roadmap to build a datacenter in the Azure cloud. This service includes analyzing the feasibility of moving existing datacenter infrastructure to Azure.

Azure application Modernization Assessment - 2 weeks

Azure Application Modernization Assessment – 2 weeks: Sonata's two-week assessment service advises customers on application modernization options and recommends a roadmap to modernize legacy applications in the Azure cloud.

Azure datacenter Modernization 8 weeks Imp

Azure Datacenter Modernization 8 weeks Imp: Sonata's eight-week implementation will migrate and establish a modern datacenter in the Azure cloud. The service will provision datacenter resources and migrate data, databases, and applications to Azure.

Azure IoT 3-Day Proof of Concept

Azure IoT: 3-Day Proof of Concept: This three-day engagement from Tallan will educate your team on what is possible in Azure IoT Hub and build out your POC utilizing Azure IoT services and Power BI.

Azure IoT 3-Day Workshop

Azure IoT: 3-Day Workshop: Tallan's three-day workshop includes presentations, stakeholder interviews, analysis, demos, and hands-on learning to help you create a technical strategy for your IoT solution.

Azure Managed Services 8 Week Implementation

Azure Managed Services: 8 Week Implementation: Cloudreach Cloud Core delivers service management of your cloud platform through monitoring, configuration, troubleshooting, security services, delivery management, and continual service improvement.

Azure Migration 1-day Assessment

Azure Migration: 1-day Assessment: Atmosera's cloud assessment delivers a clear roadmap with options to evaluate workloads and performance data, prioritize business needs, and understand trade-offs when migrating to Azure.

Azure MSP Powered by CLIP 6-Wk Assessment

Azure MSP Powered by CLIP: 6-Wk Assessment: Brillio Azure Managed Services Provider (MSP) Powered by CLIP offers 360-degree coverage to enterprises throughout their cloud journey – from assessment to managing the cloud environment.

Big Data Roadmap - 1 Day Briefing

Big Data Roadmap – 1 Day Briefing: This StrategyWise briefing will illustrate why you should leverage big data with industry-specific case studies showing the value you can expect from digital transformation, prescriptive modeling, and AI applications in the Azure environment.

Big Data Roadmap - 5 Day Workshop

Big Data Roadmap – 5 Day Workshop: Looking to ramp up on big data powered by Azure? This five-day workshop will help you identify prime opportunities in your organization to drive organizational change and process improvements through big data on Azure.

Business Continuity Disaster recovery 2 Weeks Imp

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery 2 Weeks Imp.: This two-week implementation helps customers set up business continuity planning and disaster recovery on Azure. The service includes setting up BCP/DR environments in Azure and configuring apps and databases.

Connected Factory by APEx

Connected Factory by APEx: Cognizant APEx is an Industry 4.0 solution accelerator that enables the integration of devices, systems, and processes powered by the Azure IoT cloud platform to build a connected factory for optimized and enhanced operations.

Data and Analytics Strategy 1-day Workshop

Data and Analytics Strategy: 1-day Workshop: RevGen Partners' one-day interactive workshop introduces success with Azure for data and analytics, a review of current capabilities, and a high-level strategy and roadmap toward maturity.

Data Estate Modernisation 1 Day Workshop

Data Estate Modernisation: 1 Day Workshop: Northdoor's initial one-day workshop for technical and business leaders will assess your existing data estate and provide a roadmap to modernize your data platform (hybrid or full Azure) and licensing model.

DevOps Assessment 1-Week Assessment

DevOps Assessment: 1-Week Assessment: Create DevOps pipeline best practices for Azure DevOps, walk through current DevOps environments and action items needed to move to Azure DevOps, and create and use test workloads as a POC in this assessment from Tallan.

DevOps Implementation 3-Week Implementation

DevOps Implementation: 3-Week Implementation: Tallan will work with you to get all your applications using the same build automation mechanisms for Azure DevOps and ultimately help you build your DevOps pipeline strategy.

Discovery Free 2 hours Workshop

Discovery Free 2 hours Workshop: In this free workshop, Cloocus will investigate your current IT operation system, gather requirements, introduce methodology and references, and propose a fitting cloud roadmap.

Employee Experience Work Teams Jumpstart

Employee Experience @Work: Teams Jumpstart: The Cognizant Jumpstart for Microsoft Teams helps you successfully deploy and get immediate business value from this powerful platform using Azure bots, functions, and other services.

Free 1-2 Day Cloud Economic Assessment

Free 1/2 Day Cloud Economic Assessment: Blue Silver Shift will deliver a half-day workshop with your leadership team to go through digital transformation and the cloud, understanding your business, and building business goals and outcomes.

Free Azure Cost Optimization 1-day Assessment

Free Azure Cost Optimization: 1-day Assessment: ProArch's one-day assessment will analyze all workloads you are using and provide a recommendation report detailing how you can reduce your cloud cost by 30–60 percent or more by moving to Microsoft Azure.

Health Content Manage & Localize - 4-hr Assessment

Health Content: Manage & Localize – 4-hr Assessment: Lionbridge will review your content creation and localization process, content types, linguistic needs, regulatory requirements, current pain points, and volumes to develop a custom end-to-end solution.

IBM Domino Migration to MS Azure 2-Day Assessment

IBM Domino Migration to MS Azure 2-Day Assessment: The Point Alliance methodology, industry-standard migration tools, unique intellectual property, onsite and remote consultants, and proven track record combine to mitigate risk and ensure a successful Azure migration.

Launch IT Lifecycle Mgmt 10-Week Implementation

Launch IT Lifecycle Mgmt: 10-Week Implementation: Launch is a collection of IT lifecycle management services designed to make IT organizations more efficient through a unique combination of people, processes, tools, and automation.

Legislative Management Consulting Svcs 10-Wk Imp

Legislative Management Consulting Svcs: 10-Wk Imp: This service is a great way to migrate from legacy systems to solutions on Azure. Tallan will work with IT and business users to enable disaster recovery and insightful data visualizations while reducing manual effort.

Machine Learning Discovery Study 4-wk Assessment

Machine Learning Discovery Study: 4-wk Assessment: The Data Analysis Bureau will guide you on your data and analytics journey through its Discovery Study, bringing industry and domain best practice and insight to your business.

Managed Services

Managed Services: Capgemini’s Enterprise Portfolio Modernization initiative is a suite of services that aligns application lifecycle and modernization capabilities with Microsoft Azure to offer an end-to-end approach to digital transformation with enterprise capabilities.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration 1-Hour Briefing

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration: 1-Hour Briefing: Are you considering a cloud migration or just want a better understanding of Microsoft Azure? Utilize Plc will help you understand the capabilities of Azure, including Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, and security features.

Modernization Blueprint (Small) 3 Week Assessment

Modernization Blueprint (Small): 3 Week Assessment: The Modernization Blueprint provides expert analysis and Azure-specific recommendations across the modernization journey. Deliverables include an implementation plan, strategic vision, and a comprehensive proposal and playbook.


OneMigrate: Sogeti can reduce cloud migration efforts by 40 percent with OneMigrate, an automated platform plugged in with Azure Site Recovery for server migration and CloudBoost library for environment provisioning.

People Analytics Data Platform 2-Wk Implementation

People Analytics Data Platform: 2-Wk Implementation: This People Analytics solution from Tallan offers insight into the information you likely already have about your employees so that you can identify trends in attrition, helping you retain your top talent.

Predictive Analytics, ML, AI POC 1 week

Predictive Analytics, ML, AI: POC 1 week+: Quadbase Systems offers this one-week proof of concept to demonstrate use cases for predictive analytics and machine learning on Azure ML. You will learn how to apply techniques to improve your business performance.

SQL Server Migration 3-Day Assessment

SQL Server Migration: 3-Day Assessment: CSW offers this migration assessment to help you move your on-premises SQL Server workloads to Azure SQL Database. You will receive an assessment document, suggested cloud architecture, and migration plan.

SQL Server Migration 4-Week Implementation

SQL Server Migration: 4-Week Implementation: After your migration assessment, CSW can carry out the plan to move your on-premises database to Azure SQL Database. CSW engineers will ensure your SQL workload runs flawlessly in Microsoft’s cloud environment.

Telstra Cloud Sight

Telstra Cloud Sight: Telstra Cloud Sight is an automated orchestration platform that enables you to configure your cloud accounts easily and keep them compliant, secure, and optimized – all aligned to your chosen best practice blueprints and with minimal human intervention.

Telstra Managed Public Cloud

Telstra Managed Public Cloud: Readify will install its cloud management layer atop your cloud infrastructure, enabling its expert team to effectively perform day-to-day management, monitoring, and essential security-related activities.

Website Migration - IaaS 4-Week Implementation

Website Migration – IaaS: 4-Week Implementation: CSW will migrate your website to Microsoft Azure, allowing you to capitalize on reliable cloud hosting services and scalability. This implementation includes moving all assets, SSL certificates, domains, databases, and more.

Website Migration - PaaS 2-Week Implementation

Website Migration – PaaS: 2-Week Implementation: CSW will migrate your website to Microsoft Azure, allowing you to capitalize on reliable cloud hosting services and scalability. This implementation includes moving all assets, SSL certificates, domains, databases, and more.

Website Migration 2-Day Assessment

Website Migration: 2-Day Assessment: This assessment from CSW will help you review your website architecture, platform, infrastructure, performance, security, backup, and recovery and then establish the necessary Microsoft Azure services for a cloud implementation.

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