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Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 34

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From February 16 to February 28, 2019, 50 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live.

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From February 16 to February 28, 2019, 50 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

Virtual machines

Analytics Zoo- A unified Analytics AI platform

Analytics Zoo: A unified Analytics + AI platform: Analytics Zoo provides a unified analytics and AI platform that unites Spark, TensorFlow, Keras, and BigDL programs into an integrated pipeline. The pipeline can then transparently scale out to a large Hadoop/Spark cluster.

Blender 3D On Windows Server 2016

Blender 3D On Windows Server 2016: Studios around the world use Blender as their go-to 3-D software for remodeling, rendering, animation, video editing, compositing, texturing, and more. Apps4Rent helps you deploy Blender on Microsoft Azure.

 CIS CentOS 7.5 Benchmark L1

CIS CentOS 7.5 Benchmark L1: This image of CentOS 7.5 is preconfigured by CIS to the recommendations in the associated CIS Benchmark. CIS Benchmarks are vendor-agnostic, consensus-based security configuration guides.

IBM DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition 11.1

IBM DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition 11.1: Install IBM DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition in just a few minutes. IBM DB2 is ideal for development, test, and production infrastructure, and MidVision’s RapidDeploy is shipped for streamlined administration.

IBM DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition 11.1

IBM DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition 11.1: Install IBM DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition in just a few minutes. IBM DB2 is ideal for development, test, and production infrastructure, and MidVision’s RapidDeploy is shipped for streamlined administration.

Kotlin Programming Language Windows Server 2012R2

Kotlin Programming Language Windows Server 2012R2: Kotlin is flexible and interoperable with other platforms and native languages, offering code sharing between JVM and JavaScript platforms. It's also tool-friendly, as any Java IDE can be chosen.

Kotlin Programming Language Windows Server 2016

Kotlin Programming Language Windows Server 2016: Kotlin is flexible and interoperable with other platforms and native languages, offering code sharing between JVM and JavaScript platforms. It's also tool-friendly, as any Java IDE can be chosen.

MayaNAS Cloud Enterprise

MayaNAS Cloud Enterprise: MayaNAS Cloud is a full-featured, enterprise-grade, software-defined storage solution that provides high-performance unified file and block services using cloud-native disks and object storage.

MayaScale Cloud Data Platform

MayaScale Cloud Data Platform: MayaScale Cloud Data Platform offers high-performance shared storage using NVMe (non-volatile memory express) fabric over TCP and iSCSI protocols.

Qorus Integration Engine 4.0 on Oracle Linux 7

Qorus Integration Engine 4.0 on Oracle Linux 7: This agile and scalable platform for back-office IT business process automation serves as a low-cost and low-code enterprise integration solution.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Download and use the trial edition of Kryon Studio to experience how easy it can be to automate processes. This free trial is a useful tool for anyone looking to evaluate Kryon’s robotic process automation solutions.

XCFrontier - Virtualisation Services

XCFrontier – Virtualisation Services: XCFrontier is an innovative cloud virtualization solution for faster internet browsing that works with the Microsoft Office suite and other software applications.

Web applications


Azure Monitor Agent for Citrix Environments: Use the power of Azure Monitor and Log Analytics with this agent for your Citrix workers, servers and desktops. You don’t need an SQL server or additional infrastructure for monitoring data.


Azure Monitor for RDS and Windows Virtual Desktop: Monitor user experiences within Remote Desktop Services and Windows Virtual Desktop.


Check Point CheckMe: CheckMe runs simulations that test if your security technologies are equipped to mitigate advanced threats, and it provides a comprehensive report on your security state.


D3 Security: Rapidly validate threats with out-of-the-box security integrations and adaptable playbooks that guide your security operations platform to automated incident response.


Discovery Hub with Azure Data Lake: Deploy the Discovery Hub application server and Azure Data Lake. Discovery Hub is a high-performance data management platform that accelerates your time to data insights.


Forscene Edge – BYOL: The Forscene Edge is a professional two-way video transcoding engine for generating lightweight Blackbird video-editing proxies. The Blackbird proxy provides frame-accurate navigation and plays media and edits completely render-free.


Integris Data Privacy Automation: Use Integris to discover and classify sensitive data across any system, apply data-handling policies, assess risk, and take action.


Intel Optimized Data Science VM for Linux (Ubuntu): This preconfigured data science virtual machine comes with Python environments optimized for deep learning on Intel Xeon processors.


Jira Service Desk Data Center: By linking Jira Service Desk with Jira Software, IT and developer teams can collaborate on one platform to fix incidents faster and push changes with confidence.


SCOM Alert Management: SCOM Alert Management extends the capabilities of Microsoft Alert Management with automation of alert rules for the System Center Operations Manager group connected to the Log Analytics workspace.


Security for Microsoft 365: SoftwareONE's Security for Microsoft 365 is a managed security service helping customers improve the return on their Microsoft security investments. SoftwareONE security consultants will plan, set up, enhance, and maintain threat detection.


SIMBA Chain: SIMBA Chain's Blockchain-as-a-Service platform allows users to quickly deploy decentralized applications (dApps). These dApps allow secure, direct connections between users and providers, eliminating third parties.

Container solutions


Decent Blockchain Node: DCT is the platform cryptographic asset on the DCore blockchain that serves as the fundamental currency for publishing and purchasing. It also funds the miners and seeders who maintain the platform. This image contains the DCore node and CLI wallet.

Consulting services


Active Directory Assessment: 4-Week Assessm. (GB): This assessment by Dots. will review your Active Directory environment, architecture, DNS configuration, backup policy, and administrative procedures to provide audit findings and best-practice recommendations.


AD Connect: 1 Day Implementation: CDW will assist your organization in creating storage accounts in Microsoft Azure for use with an on-premises, cloud-enabled storage appliance, resulting in a hybrid cloud storage solution.


Airnet Azure Foundations: 2-day Implementation: Migrate to the cloud quickly and easily with an automated setup of your Azure environment using a scalable, standardized, and pre-architected framework from Airnet Group Inc.


Airnet Systems Assessment Tool: 1-day Assessment: Review tiered budgeting options for your move to Azure based on Airnet Group Inc.'s detailed reports of server core level inventory, cost, and performance data from your entire IT infrastructure.


App Modernization: 2 Hour Briefing: Oakwood Systems Group will review your business drivers, establish goals for modernization, discuss approaches, provide recommendations for Azure services, and help you develop a better understanding of the options available.


Application Modernization: 2 Week Assessment: RDA will work with your technical team to collect data about identified applications and then design, plan, and document key considerations for an application modernization effort using Azure.


Azure AD Single Sign-On (SSO): 2-Day Implementation: Mismo Systems LLP will configure Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On, enabling you to centrally manage users' access across Software-as-a-Service applications.


Azure Assessment: 1-Week Assessment: Tallan will work with your team to review your on-premises and cloud environments, cover best practices for deployment and app modernization, and provide documentation and recommendations.


Azure DevOps: 1 Hour Briefing: This comprehensive briefing by Oakwood Systems Group will help you develop a better understanding of how to implement Azure DevOps within your business, no matter how big your IT department or what tools you’re using.


Azure Disaster Recovery: 1-Day Workshop: You will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery. In many cases, a partial or complete implementation can be achieved in this workshop from InsITe Business Solutions.


Azure Migration 6-Wk Assessment & Implementation: TapLogic’s Azure Platform Migration Service gives service providers in the agricultural industry the tools and resources to develop a plan for adopting the best Microsoft Azure solution for their business needs.


Azure Site Recovery: 3-Day Implementation: CDW will install and configure Azure Site Recovery, establishing a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution that allows you to replicate up to five of your virtual machines to Microsoft Azure.


Azure Storage for Backup: 1-Day Implementation: The Microsoft Azure Storage for Backup engagement by CDW will provide best practices and knowledge transfer in demonstrating and maximizing the benefits of utilizing Azure Storage.


CCG Customer Intelligence for Retail: In this engagement, CCG Analytics will implement Customer Intelligence, an analytics platform developed for mid-market retailers who want to elevate the customer experience and dominate the retail omnichannel.


Cloud Aware – Events: 5 Week Implementation: This implementation by Meylah Corporation involves Cloud Aware – Event in a Box, a collection of event planning resources to simplify the process of the customer acquisition.


Cloud Migration Assessment – 6 Days Assessment: Incremental Group’s Cloud Migration Assessment is carried out by one of our senior cloud engineers and will involve compiling a complete review and cloud migration proposal for your organization.


Connecting with S2S VPN: 1-Day Implementation: CDW will assist you in configuring Azure to allow connectivity between your Azure tenant resources and on-premises resources via a site-to-site VPN.


Data Compliance Monitoring – 1 Hour Briefing: Discover how you can automate your data compliance and governance strategy by leveraging Azure, Azure Cosmos DB, and Brilliant IG. Brilliant IG, by CTO Boost, is an automated compliance monitoring platform on Azure.


Data Science Discovery Pack: 2-wk Assessment: Elastacloud combines the delivery of a data architecture blueprint using the latest Azure platform tools and services with an innovative data science work package.


ERP to Azure Migration: 2 Week Implementation: DXC will provide a streamlined migration for organizations desiring to move their Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, or Dynamics NAV solution to Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service.


Optimized Architecture: 1-Day Workshop (Virtual): Compare Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service hosting options to save money through the use of Azure App Service. This workshop by Dynamics Edge is intended for cloud architects and IT professionals.


QuickBooks DT on Azure single install: 4-hr imp: Get your existing QuickBooks desktop software running on your Azure cloud server, complete with integrated applications, in this implementation by Mendelson Consulting.


TCO & Cloud Readiness Assessment – 6 Wk Assessment: Ensono's assessment will involve data gathering, creation of an HCP tenant, ingestion of the initial server list, data tagging, application readiness scoring, and a presentation of the findings.


TFS to Azure DevOps Migration: 2-Wk Implementation: Tallan will work with your team to create an Azure DevOps migration plan to be developed during the assessment portion of this implementation. From there, we will start the migration process to Azure DevOps.


TFS to Azure DevOps: 4-week Implementation: Oakwood Systems Group's three-phase migration plan will move your on-premises Team Foundation Server (TFS) to Azure DevOps Services.