Azure RTOS pricing

Making embedded IoT development and connectivity easy

Azure RTOS is an easy-to-use, market-proven, comprehensive suite of multithreading facilities, middleware and Windows tools for developing embedded IoT applications including: ThreadX, NetX, NetX Duo, FileX, GUIX, GUIX Studio, USBX and TraceX.

No cost to test and explore the source code. The full source code for all Azure RTOS components is available on GitHub, allowing you to explore, develop, test and adapt Azure RTOS to suit your needs.

Two ways to get an Azure RTOS licence:

  1. The production licence is automatically included if you deploy to any of the supported microcontroller (MCU) or microprocessor (MPU) devices. A list of pre-licensed devices is available on GitHub.
  2. If you prefer to use a device in production that is not listed on GitHub, licensing options are available. Please contact sales.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. The full source code for all Azure RTOS components is available on GitHub. You may freely explore, develop, test and adapt Azure RTOS to suit your pre-production needs. Visit Github to learn more.
  • It depends. If you deploy to any of the pre-licensed devices that are listed at Github, the production license will be automatically included and you do not need to pay for any additional licensing. If you prefer to deploy to any other device, you must purchase a licence from Microsoft.
  • Pricing depends on the number of devices you plan to put into production. Please contact AzureRTOSContact to purchase a licence.
  • All eight components are included in the licence:

    • Azure RTOS ThreadX
    • Azure RTOS NetX
    • Azure RTOS NetX Duo
    • Azure RTOS FileX
    • Azure RTOS GUIX
    • Azure RTOS GUIX Studio
    • Azure RTOS USBX
    • Azure RTOS TraceX
  • Later this year, you may purchase an add-on industrial certification package that includes a collection of formal reports with test results from TUV, UL and others, certifying that the code behind Azure RTOS components has met rigorous safety and security standards.
  • Azure Sphere customers are eligible to use Azure RTOS in production deployment for free. This only applies to customers using the MT3620 MCU-based Azure Sphere offering.

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