Azure Container Registry Pricing

Manage a Private Docker Registry as a first-class Azure resource

Azure Container Registry is a service to manage private Docker registries for common storage across all of your Azure container deployments including Azure Container Service, Service Fabric, Azure App Service and Azure Batch.

Azure Container Registry preview itself is a free service. You are only charged for underlying infrastructure resources such as storage used to store your images and data transfer. Your images will be stored in Locally Redundant (LRS) Blob storage and Bandwidth rates will apply for data transfers to other Azure regions. Azure Container Registry preview is currently available in US East, US West and Southcentral US regions.

Blob Storage Accounts

Block Blob storage is used for streaming and storing documents, videos, pictures, backups and other unstructured text or binary data. Below is the pricing for dedicated Blob Storage Accounts with Hot and Cool access tiers. Append Blobs are also metered as Block Blobs.

(additional Storage pricing details are available here)

Storage prices

Storage Capacity LRS
First 1 TB/month $0.024 per GB
Next 49 TB (1 to 50 TB)/month $0.0236 per GB
Next 450 TB (50 to 500 TB)/month $0.0232 per GB
Next 500 TB (500 to 1,000 TB)/month $0.0228 per GB
Next 4,000 TB (1,000 to 5,000 TB)/month $0.0224 per GB


(additional Bandwidth pricing details are available here)

Inbound data transfers

(i.e. data going into Azure data centres): Free

Outbound data transfers

(i.e. data going out of Azure data centres; zones refer to source region):

Outbound data transfers Zone 1* Zone 2* Zone 3* DE (trustee)
First 5 GB/Month 1 Free Free Free Free
5 GB – 10 TB 2/month $0.087 per GB $0.138 per GB $0.181 per GB $0.1 per GB
Next 40 TB
(10-50 TB)/month
$0.083 per GB $0.135 per GB $0.175 per GB $0.095 per GB
Next 100 TB
(50-150 TB)/month
$0.07 per GB $0.13 per GB $0.17 per GB $0.08 per GB
Next 350 TB
(150-500 TB)/month
$0.05 per GB $0.12 per GB $0.16 per GB $0.057 per GB
Over 500 TB/month Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us
* For Zone details, please refer to the FAQ below.
1 For monetary credit, 6-, and 12-month offers, outbound data transfer will be charged at the 5 GB - 10 TB tier.
2 1 TB = 1,024 GB

Support and SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support
  • Azure Container Registry is a free service and therefore does not have a financially backed SLA. However, for the availability of underlying storage, the Storage SLA applies. See the Storage SLA for further details.


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